Single Brilliant Box

Single Brilliant Box


Want to try the kids activities we have in one box? Or send a box full of kids activities as a gift?

You select the year level you’d like, and we’ll send your Brilliant Box to  your door. Brilliant Boxes are the perfect resource for home educators or families who would like to support their child’s learning journey at school. They’re also great to take on holidays to keep the kids busy!

Each box for Foundation to Year 2 contains 7 maths activities and 7 English activities. Years 3 to 6 contain 4 activities on a curriculum theme (such as civics and citizenship, health, history, the arts), 5 maths activities and 5 English activities. Your Brilliant Box will contain any worksheets, game boards, cards, along with additional materials such as dice or counters that are required to complete each activity. There will be items that you need to supply, such as a pencil or glue stick, but we’ll let you know exactly what these are on the Parent Information Card.