Easter Egg Treasure Hunt Clues


easter egg hunt

Do you have an Easter tradition at your house? Or Easter activities you do each year? We do Easter egg hunts each year, hiding plenty of clues.
To make it easy for you, we’ve put a series of clues together, below, for you to use.

Print and cut out the following clues. Hide them around your house, using the information on the clue to tell you where to hide them.
So the first clue, you need to place in your child’s hand and the next one, under their pillow and so on.

It is up to you whether all the clues lead to one final Easter gift, or whether you leave a small chocolate egg, or something similar, with each clue.

Happy hopping!

The Easter Bunny has been! Hippity hop!

Follow the clues to see what he’s dropped:


Clue 1


Mr. Bunny visited you when you were in bed.

Look under the place where you lay your head.

Clue 2


He got a bit hungry, he just had to eat.

Look in the place where we keep the treats.

Clue 3


Peter Rabbit was on telly – he wanted to see.

Look around where you sit when you watch t.v.




Clue 4


How nice is the Easter Bunny? Oh, golly gosh.

While he was here, he gave our clothes a wash!

Clue 5


He washed, dried and folded all of your socks.

He may have left something alongside your jocks!



Clue 6


By now, he was thirsty, so he had a big drink.

Have a look at his cup, in the kitchen sink.

Clue 7


When you have dinner, where do you sit?

Mr. Bunny sat there too – just for a bit.





Clue 8


You’re nearing the end of all these clues,

But I know E.B. checked out your shoes!

Clue 9


When he was leaving, he was in quite a rush,

But he paused long enough to give his teeth a brush.

Clue 10


The very last place he laid a paw,

Was right beside our own front door!

Have a brilliantly, chocolatey, safe Easter!

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