Christmas craft for kids – part 2


Last week, we gave you 5 easy Christmas craft ideas. We promised another 5, in case your kids are still wanting some more glittery, festive fun . . . so here they are:

  1. Glittery pine cones

We’re clearly starting with a super easy one here . . . of course, you need to be able to find pine cones! I keep an eye out as I’m driving around and I’ve found a reliable roadside verge near my kid’s gymnastics school I let the kids go crazy with either metallic spray paint or glitter paint. Then, they can string them up for a home made garland or even just pile them up as a Christmas centre piece.  

  1. Pom pom Christmas tree


This one was born when my daughter wanted to make a Christmas tree for her ‘My Little Ponies’. I bought a pack of polystyrene cones from my local $2 shop for (somewhat inexplicable) $3, then she glued pom poms all over it. It could be made of anything: tissue paper balls/flowers, coloured paper or paint.

  1. Reindeer food



My kids love making this each year. Mix up oats with glitter – although mine do rather like a few sequins thrown in – and voila! Reindeer food. Bag it up and add it to your family Christmas Eve ritual. Before bed, we take it out into our front garden and the kids sprinkle it on the ground, so the reindeers can find our house (and eat the oats, of course!).

  1. Paper decorations

IMG_1667   IMG_1669  IMG_1670  IMG_1672

 This is a fun one for kids of different ages, too. We cut out strips of coloured paper and stapled 12 together, using one staple in the middle. Then, one by one, loop each length back into the centre and glue down (we used double-sided tape). Go around until all strips are secured, then hang your pinwheel. I’ve added pictures for this one, to explain it.

  1. Make wrapping paper

 This is great, because it can be as basic or as complicated as you and your family like. You might like to go old-school with potato stamping, left them go free-hand or sacrifice a few Christmas cookie-cutters as painting templates. You could use butcher’s paper or even newspaper as your base, for some very affordable and personalised wrapping paper!

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