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With pre-school enrolments and ‘transition days’ underway, there are plenty of parents with curious pre-schoolers who are wondering how to come up with literacy activities that are actually fun and play based. Not many 3 to 5 year olds are keen to sit and stare at alphabet posters all day . . .

That’s where we come in!

Below are three free literacy printables for you to use.

  1. The first is a create-your-own alphabet flip book – just print, cut and bind and you’ll have a portable activity. You can make up plenty of games at home, as your child becomes more adept at recognising letters and sounds.
  2. The second is a set of alphabet cards to print and cut. Each letter is in upper and lower case, so you can create your own ‘memory match’ game, or use them to attach to household items that begin with that letter, to develop your child’s knowledge of sounds.
  3. The third is an ‘alphabet collage’ activity. You have an instruction page, along with 26 A4 pages that each contain a separate letter of the alphabet. Again, in upper and lower case. Let your child go crazy with cutting and pasting words or pictures that start with the corresponding letter on the page. They might want to decorate the pages and peg them up at home, to practise sounds.

Another great activity to do is to collect good-sized pebbles (you can even buy a bag from Bunnings, if you’d like uniformity). Paint and decorate them with your child. Then, using a black sharpie, write a different letter of the alphabet on each one. This is a more tactile and fun version of alphabet flash cards. Make a few sets and mix them up to see what words you and your child can create together.

Click below for the free printables

Free printable activities – alphabet collage pages

Free printable activities – alphabet flash card memory game

Free printable activities – alphabet flip book

We’d love to see how you use these printables with your family! Please share your creations with us on Instagram or Facebook


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