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Kids are often fascinated with money. Is it something we’ve handed down through the ages? This love of shiny little pieces of gold? Although, my kids do find it strange that the 50 cent piece is so much bigger than the two dollar coin!

Our term 2 Brilliant Boxes contain money activities for grade 3 and 4 children. So, we thought we’d gift you a few related activities for the younger kids.

Understanding how to identify and count money is a learnt ability, but it lends itself really well to fun, hands on activities. And you know we’re all about fun, hands on activities here at The Sunshine Collective! So, here’s 5 ideas for exploring money with your kids:

Money Bag

Use this template (who doesn’t love a free printable?!) to create a paper ‘money bag’: Money bag template

Cut it out, fold and seal the edges of your bag. Your child might want to decorate their bag with their name and the things they’d like to ‘buy’ with their money.

Lay out a handful of coins and notes (whatever you happen to have handy) for your child to copy out onto paper. You might want to draw a series of circles for some of the coins, to help them get started. They might even like to put the coins under the paper and shade over the top with grey lead pencil, to create a coin relief!

Your child can then fill their bag with the money they have created!

Set Up Shop

Do you remember playing ‘shops’ when you were a kid? Most kids really enjoy this, so it is a perfect learning opportunity. You could use real money, if you happen to have (like we do) a big coin jar at home with all of your loose change. Or, you can print out play money – just head to Pinterest and you’ll find loads of free printable images of Australia notes and coins.

Put the money out in bowls or on a tray on a table, along with stickers for writing out prices and some scrap paper and pencils for recording ‘sales’. Invite your child to stock their shop and start selling!

My kids sometimes price all of their soft toys or Hot Wheels cars, other times they raid the friedge and pantry and create a supermarket. It’s a great game if you have a few kids over or a larger family.

Line Up

Using the ‘money’ from the previous activity, invite your child to take one of every denomination and ask them to put the money in order from smallest value to largest value. Then, mix it up and ask them to put it in order from biggest to smallest. You could then tip all of the money into a bowl or hat, and ask them to pull out two pieces of money and tell you which is worth more.

Price tag

Cut out the price tags in this template: Price tags

Layout out the tags on a table along with a pile of real or pretend coins. Ask your child to see if they can combine coins to create the amount listed on each price tag.

Let’s Go Shopping!

Talk to your child about their favourite meal. Help them to write out the list of required ingredients to make the meal. Then, head out to the shops with your list. As you find each item, ask your child to check the price and write it down on their list. At the end, help them to add up the total cost of the meal (you may need the calculator on your phone!). It’s also great to either have them pay the staff at the counter or to go through the self-serve aisle and pay for the items, themselves.

If you have any other winning ideas for ‘money’ activities, we’d love to hear them, so send us an email: or tag us in your pics on FB and Instagram @thesunshinecoll

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