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We’re on our second week of measurement themed activities. Well, since we’re on a roll, we thought, ‘why not?!’

This week, we have another free printable for you. This one is quite open-ended, so you can use it with a wide range of ages and abilities.

So, to start with, here’s the PDF to print out: Blog Post 86 – Measurement

For five days in a row, each day you will choose 3 things to measure. You will measure the weight of one, the length of one and the time of one. What you choose to measure is up to you.

Some suggestions to get you thinking are:

Weigh it: a piece of fruit, a book, a bowl or plate, your water bottle, a bag

Measure it: your kitchen table, your height, the distance from one side of your bedroom to the other, a pencil, a book

Time it: the time it takes you to run around a park, the time it takes you to make your bed, the length of a television commercial, the time it takes to prepare a meal

For each selection, on each day, you are going to record the ‘thing’ you are measuring, what you think the measurement will be and then what the actual measurement was.

Let’s see if your estimations become more accurate as the week goes on.

You could complete your recordings on the pages, as they are, or you could cut them out and make a ‘My Measurement Journal’ booklet. We’ve done the cover for you, just in case you would like to make the booklet.


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