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We’re all about ‘measurement’ activities this month! Our upcoming Brilliant Boxes for Levels (grades) 1 and 3 include measurement as part of the maths activities – so you can expect lots of hands on measuring fun! However, we know that we have had a few new subscribers with children at Levels 4, 5 and 6, so we thought you might appreciate a few measurement activities for them.

So: here’s a two page, printable activity pack for you: Marvellous Measurement

Jolly Jumper

The first activity will appeal to your active kids! Clear a space for some long jumping – and have some marking and measuring tools handy!

Invite your child to jump from a marker, then measure and record the distance they jumped. This is actually a good one for friends or siblings to do together. Fill in the details in the recording table in your printable. Then, they can complete the sentences to help them understand the different scales of measurement – millimetres, centimetres, metres and kilometres.

Clever Conversions

This activity poses some interesting facts that will appeal to kids who love to start a conversation with, ‘Did you know . . .?’

There are 11 items listed in the table – some are items with which your child may be familiar, some others are international landmarks! Invite your child to read the length we have provided, for each of these items. Then, ask them to convert that figure to the corresponding measure of length (we include mm, cm, m and km). Don’t worry – we also include a few tips and reminders to help them out!

We’d love to see how you go with this activity. If you try it out, tag us in a pic on either our Facebook page: or on Instagram:

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