World Geography – part 2



 Following on from our theme of ‘world geography’ last week, here’s another 5 activities to broaden your child’s knowledge of the wider world.

Holiday planner

Where in the world would you like to go? To help you decide, you could ask people you know where they’ve been, look at books in the library or (with parental permission), research holiday destinations on the Internet. You might even like to go to a travel agent to look at brochures.

When you’ve narrowed it down, plan out how you’re going to get there: do you need a car or plane or boat? How long does it take to get there?

For older children, you could give them a list of other things to plan, such as:

Do you require visas? Vacinations? Is there another language or at least phrases you’ll need to learn?

You might also want to work out what a reasonable travel budget would be, factoring in food and attractions.

This is fun if you staple together blank pages, for them to create their own ‘holiday planner’ booklet.


The five oceans of the world

Did you know the oceans hold more than 95% of the water on Earth?! Around 70% of the Earth is actually covered by oceans! However, most people still find it difficult to tell you where all the different oceans are, around the world. Let’s look at where the different oceans are.

There are five different oceans. They are:

Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, Pacific and Southern

Print out a map of the world and research the different oceans. Colour each one a different shade of blue and label where they are.



Did you know that almost one third of the land on Earth is covered by desert? That sounds like something we should know about! We always think of deserts as just a huge expanse of sand. However, they are quite diverse. It even includes the icy tundra of Antarctica!

The deserts are divided into regions:

Subtropical Coastal Cold Polar
Sahara Gibson Namib Great Basin Arctic
Arabian Great Sandy Atacama Colorado Plateau Antartic
Kalahari Great Victoria Patagonian
Mojave Tanami Karakum
Sonoran Sturt Story KyzylKum
Thar Simpson Taklamakum
Chihuahuan Gobi


So, like we did with the oceans, print out a map of the world and research the different deserts. Colour each one.


My Travel Bag

Decide on what countries you’d like to visit. Decide why you’d like to go there – is there something you’d like to see? You could look at books at the library, the internet or even go to a travel agent and pick up a brochure on that place.

Either draw, print or cut out pictures of the things you’d like to see and put them in your travel bag. Here’s a template you can print and cut out, to create your bag: Bag – world geog. You might want to print one page and stick them on, or you could print it out twice, stick or staple it together and decorate the outside.

You might even like to create your own passport, from this link:

Maybe you can plan a holiday after this!


Spin the globe

If you have a world globe, this is a fun game to play.

Print out these ‘Spinner’ cards and cut them up – you will be filling these in. Spinner cards: Spinner cards – world geog

Spin the globe, then put your finger on it to make it stop. Take a look at which country your finger has landed on – write the name of that country on your first ‘Spinner’ card.

There are then a few facts to hunt out, to complete the card.

Do this for as many countries as you like. You could even staple or sew them together to make a ‘country fact finder’ booklet.

If you don’t have a globe, you could also play it with a 2D world map: instead of spinning the globe then pointing on a country to make it stop, close your eyes and point to a country on the map.

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