Holiday Activities For Kids

Holiday Plan

Holiday Plan

10 Holiday Activities for Kids

If you’re looking for holiday activities, you’ve come to the right place. I cannot believe another school term is just about over! Where is this year going? With holidays fast approaching, you are going to have ten extra days to keep your little munchkins busy, so here is a list of holiday activities to pass the time and have some fun along the way.

Here are ten themed days for holiday activities, with three suggestions for each theme. There are obviously loads of other possibilities under each theme, we’ve just suggested three to get the brain cogs moving:

Day 1 – Do Something Creative

  • Go to see a live show – amateur theatre companies always put on school productions and they are not expensive
  • Buy a roll of butcher’s paper, get out your markers and draw a family mural
  • Visit a ceramics café where the kids get to take home their own creation

Day 2 – Do Something Free

  • Visit the local library and stock up on books and dvds for the holidays
  • Visit your capital city’s art gallery and browse the free exhibitions
  • Travel into the hills and do a bushwalk – don’t forget the picnic lunch!

Day 3 – Do Something Kind

  • Buy some flowers/chocolates and take the kids off to visit a relative or friend you haven’t seen in a while
  • Find a way to ‘Pay it Forward’ and do something nice for a stranger. In Melbourne there’s the fantastic ‘The Soup Place’ on Flinders Lane, where you can pre-purchase a bowl of soup for someone in need.
  • Buy a stack of craft materials and make cards for people, telling them how much they mean to you

Day 4 – Do Something Outdoors

  • Go on an adventure walk – start from home and walk somewhere you haven’t been before
  • Take your bikes/scooters along a bike path – there are so many in every capital city – explore one you haven’t been on before
  • Visit a hedge maze – hours of awesome outdoor fun!

Day 5 – Do Something Indoors

  • See a movie – on school holidays you are always spoiled for choice
  • Drive out of town and have a Devonshire tea in a cosy café somewhere
  • Build a lounge-room fort – make it big!

Day 6 – Do Something New

  • Go ice skating/roller blading
  • Take a tourist bus around your own city
  • Try a family ‘Escape Room’ experience – google ‘Escape Rooms’ for your capital city – make sure it’s family-friendly

Day 7 – Do Something With Animals

  • Visit the zoo and maybe book in a giraffe-feeding experience or a koala cuddle
  • Visit a children’s farm in your capital city
  • Go horse riding

Day 8 – Do Something With Food

  • Plan a Family Dinner and work together to cook and prepare the meal
  • Drive out of town and have a meal in a country pub
  • Visit a Farmers’ Market or Fresh Food Market in your city and stock up on beautiful ingredients and treats

Day 9 – Do Something With Water

  • Visit your local pool or beach (weather dependent) and have a dip
  • Take a ferry ride
  • Buy some watercolour paints, grab a bowl of water and go outside to do some water wash painting. There are clips on YouTube to inspire you. If you hate mess – just paint with water!

Day 10 – Do Something That Starts With The First Letter of Your Last Name

Here at The Sunshine Collective we are Grays and Goudies, so we could:

  • Play Golf
  • Do some Gardening
  • Make some Gnocci

What you and your family do, will depend on your surname!


We would love to hear about it if you follow any of our suggestions or come up with a few of your own. Email us at or contact us via the website:

We hope you have BRILLIANT holidays!

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