Rainy Day Games


Winter can be challenging with young children; lots of days spent cooped up inside, no park visits to get the wriggles out and only so many times can we allow the kitchen table to be turned into a craft market!

At The Sunshine Collective we love a good board or card game to help keep the kids entertained and to develop those important skills of winning and losing.

These are our Top Ten Rainy Day Games:

  1. Junior Monopoly – you cannot go wrong with this game. It doesn’t go on for hours and hours, like the adult version, but it does contain the same basic concepts and is terrific for introducing ideas of money and budgeting.
  2. Guess Who – an oldie, but a goodie, this game is quick and easy, while promoting observation and language skills.
  3. Hedbanz – a child-friendly version of Celebrity Heads, this game has participants wearing a headband which holds a picture card. They then have to ask questions in order to guess what picture they have. This is a brilliant game for developing questioning ability, rational thinking and memory.
  4. Trouble – another oldie, but there are now so many themed versions, you’ll be sure to find one your kids will love. We have the Minions one and the little Minion figurines are seriously cute! This game is great introduction to strategic thinking and I find it fascinating to watch the different ways, my two very different kids approach this one. It can go on for quite some time, but it’s a lot of fun!
  5. Snakes and Ladders – sometimes a quick game really is a good game, and this is where Snakes and Ladders can come in handy. You can play several games of this in a 10 minute window, and maybe, just maybe, everyone will have a turn at winning!
  6. Dixit – this is a new one for us, but we are loving it! The game comes with a pack of beautifully illustrated cards and the idea is that one person secretly chooses one card from their hand; they then use a clue word to describe that card. Other players choose a card from their own hand, which may also fit the clue word and then all cards are laid out. All players then vote as to which card they think was the original. Points are scored based on voting. It sounds complicated, but once you get started, it’s pretty simple. This is a great game for developing observation and language skills.
  7. UNO – does this really need a description? I’m guessing not. I’m sure we have all spent many hours of our own childhoods playing this classic and its appeal has not diminished. This is a brilliant game for introducing number, colour, simple text and strategic thinking. It’s also the smallest of our listed games, so awesome for travel!
  8. Battleships – the old game still lives! My kids love the detective-like component of this game and it keeps them quietly entertained for ages. Battleships develops strategic thinking and memory. It’s also great for introducing grid references and basic mapping skills.
  9. Articulate For Kids – Articulate is my personal favourite game and this one is designed for children. The basic idea is that you have to describe what is written on a card, without using the word itself. This is amazing for vocabulary development and quick thinking.
  10. Qwirkle – another new one for us, but a great way to introduce strategy and to practise basic number skills, through the adding of points scored. It’s kind of like an illustrated version of Scrabble. Children put down tiles with coloured shapes and must add to either a row of a particular shape or a particular colour. It’s a bit complicated in the beginning, but you will quickly get the hang of it. The brightly coloured tiles are really appealing too and the opportunity to lucky dip tiles from the bag is something the kids love!

Of course, you can check out our Mini-Kits or the Holiday Bumper Pack of games in our online shop – hours of entertainment right there, delivered to your door!

We are always on the lookout for new games, so let us know some of your favourites!

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