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When we are out and about, talking to parents of school-aged children, one of the questions we get asked most often is: ‘how can I help my child improve their handwriting?’. This is why we include plenty of handwriting practise in our Brilliant Boxes and now have a ‘Mini Kit’, purely focussed on handwriting.

Whilst we do have a very detailed handwriting guide we are releasing very soon (stay tuned), we thought we’d share with you some tips for writing inspiration. Obviously, as with everything, practise makes perfect, but no child is going to be motivated to write monotonous word lists or sentences, so giving them real-life opportunities to practise their handwriting is an essential part of the puzzle.

Here are 25 simple ideas for handwriting practise:

  • Write to a pen pal or friend
  • Write a shopping list of groceries
  • Create cards for birthdays, Father’s/Mother’s Day, Get Well Soon etc.
  • Create an invitation for someone to come for a play or a party
  • Write ‘Thank You’ cards for gifts received or play dates at someone else’s house
  • Write birthday or Christmas ‘wish lists’
  • Write a letter to parents requesting some family fun such as a movie night or a day at the beach etc.
  • Create clues for a treasure hunt within the house/yard
  • Make up a game and write out the rules
  • Write out the lyrics to a favourite song or the words to a favourite poem
  • Make place name cards for a dinner party
  • Write out a dinner party menu
  • Create your own café menu
  • Use story cubes – these can be purchased from games shops or you can make your own. Use a normal cube (a large die will do) and cover each side with an idea for a story or a main character – roll and write.
  • Write a letter to your future self – to be opened in years to come
  • Write a letter to a newspaper about an issue that is important to you or an event you have coming up
  • Write a fan letter to someone you admire – it could be a singer, a sportsperson, an actor etc.
  • Write a letter to your teacher explaining why you have not done your homework
  • Choose the most boring, normal item you can find around your house and write a story about why it is the most important item in the world!
  • Write out the recipe for your favourite dish
  • Imagine you are going for your dream job and write an application letter explaining why you are the perfect person for the position
  • Research and write a limerick
  • Create a story book for a younger reader
  • Keep a diary
  • Create a list of books you want to read, movies you want to watch, places you want to visit etc.

There are loads of handwriting activities and ‘reasons to write’ included in our Brilliant Boxes, so be sure to grab a subscription to further assist your child.

Handwriting is a complex, multi-faceted skill, but with plenty of practise, you can make a difference.

Be Brilliant!

The Sunshine Collective

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