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This blog post is for any parent who really wants to be that super-parent who does cute lunchbox notes for their kids, but never actually has the time to put it into action . . . we’ve got you covered.

Recently I read an article which summarised some of the things parents can do to ensure their children feel loved and happy. Basically, they had spoken to a whole bunch of children about the things their parents did for them that made them feel good.

It was a great article and I was quietly very chuffed to see that many of the ideas on the list were things we do at home.

One of these is lunchbox notes. The children interviewed said that receiving a note in their lunch at school made them feel loved and happy because it reminded them of how special and important they were.

So, that got us thinking about how great it would be to extend that feeling to all our Sunshine Collective kids.

The most challenging thing about writing daily lunchbox notes is thinking of something new to say each day. Although my daughter once told me, “If you get stuck, just write: ‘I love you.’” Honestly, after doing this every day for two and half years, and now doing it for two children, it has become easier, but it does still, on some days, have me tapping my head for inspiration.

So, today we are giving you 41 lunchbox notes for you to slip into your child’s bag. 41 is enough for you to provide one note a week for a whole school year! You might introduce ‘Message Monday’ or ‘Feel Good Friday’ or something along those lines, as a basis for when you put the notes in, or you could just do it randomly, once a week.

Some notes are complete, as are; others have a space for you, or for your child to fill in a word or two, depending on your own personal situation. All you have to do is print, cut and use.

We hope your kiddies have a little smile and a warm, sunshiny feeling when they read them.

Click here to download the file: Lunchbox notes

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