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With a new school year well underway we thought it might be a good time to run the first of what will be a regular feature on the Blog: Memory Lane.

In 10 questions, we’ll take a look into the primary school experiences of the members of The Sunshine Collective and others close to us.

The primary years are formative ones and it can be fun to compare our own experiences with those of our children. It’s also just a bit of fun to reminisce!

So, with that said, here is the first trip down memory lane: Lisa Donald-Goudie (co-founder of The Sunshine Collective).

Where did you go to primary school, or were you home-educated?

From Prep (first year of school) to the end of Grade 4, I went to Marysville Primary School. My Dad was the principal of this small country school. At the beginning of my Grade 5 year, we moved to Melbourne and I did Grades 5 and 6 at Sandringham Primary School.

What’s something you remember about your primary school?

Marysville Primary School had just 87 students – there are more than that in my daughter’s year level! I also remember that we all kept our own toothbrush and toothpaste at school, in class tubs, and every day after lunch we went off to the taps and brushed our teeth!

What was your favourite year at school, and why?

I absolutely loved Grade 1. I had Miss Macleod, who I adored! She had lots of really tactile, fun, learning resources (probably inspiration for my future business!) and she was kind, gentle and patient.

This was also the year my Dad took long service leave and we towed a caravan around Australia for 3-4 months. It was such an amazing holiday! With both my parents as teachers, my brother did an hour of ‘school’ each day with Dad and I did an hour each day with Mum. We kept up with what was going on back in the classroom and learnt so many other amazing things!

As a side note – did you know Brilliant Boxes can be customised for your own holidays and can be delivered in satchels, for easy packing, anywhere in Australia? Just saying.

What was your favourite subject at school?

I loved English and drama – basically anything with words! I used to sing my school readers!

What was your least favourite subject at school?

Phys. Ed.!! I absolutely hated the pressure of team selections and team sports. I was always just so afraid I would embarrass myself and let the team down. I used to dread school sports days!

What sort of school lunches did you have?

I remember my school lunches being pretty much always a sandwich, a piece of fruit, some cake that Mum home-baked and maybe a handful of sultanas. In winter, I used to love taking soup in a Thermos!

I don’t think there was the same pressure on school lunches in those days!

Did you have a school uniform?

No, we didn’t. We had t-shirts for the two sporting teams: Bollan and McGowan – go Bollan – but no uniform, just lots of high-waisted tracksuit pants and bright orange coats!

What did you and your friends play/do at break times?

I remember lots of role-play games; mums and dads etc. There were lots of sentences said that started with, “Imagine if…”

I also remember skipping and hula-hooping till we dropped!

What’s one thing that happened during your school years that would never happen now?

I can recall two instances for this question, one in Marysville and the other in Sandringham:

In Marysville I remember a movie I had watched and really enjoyed – The Wombles. I wanted the kids in my class to see the movie, too, so we organised for the whole class, including the teacher, to walk down the road from school, during class time, sit in my lounge room and watch The Wombles! I cannot imagine that happening these days!

In Sandringham, when I was in Grade 5, an AFL footy clinic was organised for the school. You had to put your name down on a list if you were keen to participate. Now, I never loved sport, but I loved St. Kilda Football Team (still do!) and players from St. Kilda were coming along. My favourite player, Tony Lockett, was going to be there, so I was super-keen! Anyway, so many kids put their names on the list, that not everyone was going to be able to attend. What did they do? A lucky dip? First in, best dressed? Supporters of St. Kilda only? No; they just decided that only the boys could go. Furious is an understatement! I sincerely hope that would never happen these days!

Lastly, if you could go back in time and give your primary-aged self some words of wisdom, what would they be?

I would tell Little Lisa: ‘You are smart enough. You will learn to read, and write, and multiply. Everything will be fine’.

I would also tell her: ‘There will come a time when no one will force you to play competitive sport. No one will order you to run laps of the block and you will never again have to jump a hurdle!!’

Well, yay for that!!

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