Olympic Games Activity Ideas


Are your kids starting to get excited about the Olympic Games coming up? Ours certainly are! So, instead of having them just watch it on television, we’ve come up with some fun, Olympic-themed activities to really bring the Games to life for them. We’ve outlined 10 activities below, that you can do at home. If you’re subscribing to our newsletter . . . you’ll be getting 30 activities delivered to your inbox!

  1. Opening Ceremony – Find a list of the competing countries (one can be found at: rio2016.com) and either print out or write out the names of some/all of the countries listed. Then cut up your list and put the names in a hat. Each member of your family then lucky dips a paper strip and must research the country listed. Hold your own opening ceremony where everybody comes dressed in the colours of their country’s flag, brings a food dish from their country, sings their national anthem and shares facts about their country’s history and Olympic team.
  2. Me As An Athlete – Complete a ‘Me As An Athlete’ poster. Draw yourself as an athlete competing in the event of your choice. Write a little bit about which event you have chosen and why. Write about your goals for the Rio Olympics – what do you hope to achieve?
  3. Olympic Venn – Choose a round household item you can trace around to draw a picture of the Olympic rings:
    You now have to choose 5 different events (all events can be found on www.rio2016.com) and use one ring in your picture for each event. To complete your Venn Diagram, use the spaces where the rings overlap to write facts that are shared by both events. Use the spaces where the rings do not overlap to write facts that relate only to the one event. So for example:

Swimming     VENNBasketball

  1. Afternoon Tea – Here are three ideas for Olympic-inspired treats:
  • Olympic Ring Biscuits – buy any plain, sweet biscuits (Marie, Arrowroot, Malt-O-Milk etc.) and cover the top in white icing of your choice. Now use M&Ms or Smarties to decorate with Olympic Rings.
  • Olympic Torch Cones – buy ice cream cones (the ones with flat bottoms) and fill with caramel popcorn.
  • Gold Medals – Buy large chocolate coins (the ones covered in gold foil) and sticky tape ribbon to them to wear as medals.
  1. Where In The World? – Print off pictures of flags from competing countries (rio2016.com has the flag images or you can look on Google Images). Once you have printed the flags, cut them out and attach them to toothpicks. Locate the matching countries either on a globe or world map and use Blu-Tack to stick the flags to the map.
  2. Rio Mini Project – Buy a sheet of poster paper and find facts/images about Rio and Brazil. What you include in your Mini Project is up to you, but you could think about: population, socio-economic situation, tourist attractions, life expectancy, crime rate, main industries, schooling system, government, history, geography (where it is in the world – maybe include a map) and any other interesting facts you come across. You may even like to include a small section specifically about the 2016 Olympic Games and facts related to this.
  3. Search It Out – Create your own word search for an Olympic sport of your choice. Use the names of competing athletes, specific event names, equipment needed etc. to create your word search. If someone else in your family makes one too, you can swap and solve each other’s.
  4. Swimming Trials – Visit a local pool and have someone time you swimming a lap or half a lap (whatever you are able to do). Have a rest and then try again. Can you beat your own time?
  5. Days and Dates – On a calendar, find the month of August (or print an August 2016 calendar from online) and mark on the following events:
  • Olympic Opening Ceremony
  • First day of Diving
  • Last day of Swimming
  • The first medal event for Archery
  • The first medal event for Beach Volleyball
  • The 2 medal events for Golf
  • The 2 medal events for Triathlon
  • The Closing Ceremony
  1. Torch Relay – Print off a map of South America and use coloured pencils to mark the route of the Olympic Torch. The schedule for this can be found at ‘Follow The Torch’ at rio2016.com.

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