One Year (10 boxes)

One Year (10 boxes)

From: $77.50 every 3 months for 12 months

This is the best value option – an entire year of educational activities for kids, home delivered.

You select the year level you’d like, and we’ll send you the Brilliant Box. By ordering a one year subscription, you save $2 per box, in addition to receiving a free newsletter each term (4 per year) containing extra tips and advice to help you and your child throughout the school year.

We send out 10 Brilliant Boxes per year for each level, spread out across the school terms. When you purchase a one year subscription, you will receive:

  • two boxes per term, plus
  • a mid year revision box and an end of year revision box

Each box for Foundation to Year 2 contains 7 maths activities and 7 English activities. Years 3 to 6 contain 4 activities on a curriculum theme (such as civics and citizenship, health, history, the arts), 5 maths activities and 5 English activities. Your Brilliant Box will contain any worksheets, game boards, cards, along with additional materials such as dice or counters that are required to complete each activity. There will be items that you need to supply, such as a pencil or glue stick, but we’ll let you know exactly what these are on the Parent Information Card.

Note: postage is charged at a flat rate of $7 per box, anywhere in Australia. The postage charge will appear as $70 (10 boxes x $7 each), as a one-off charge for the entire year of postage, up-front.

We want to make the best possible boxes for your child, so we’ve got a couple of questions to make sure they receive brilliant stuff.
Who will receive the Brilliant Box
To help us see what things boys and girls like
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In case there is anything else you want to tell us or ask us about your child’s learning and the Brilliant Boxes.
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