Holiday Bumper Pack

Holiday Bumper Pack


Want to keep the kids entertained on the school holidays? Or are you going away on a holiday and need some lightweight games and activities for a range of ages? We have you sorted with this ‘Holiday Bumper Pack’. It’s great value – to buy these activities separately would cost over $80, but you save $20 by purchasing it as one pack. Hours of educational fun delivered to your door. The pack contains 10 separately packaged games and activities:

(Please note, regarding the minimum age recommendations, these are based on the basic requirement of each game, such as, being able to add or subtract. However, the games can all be enjoyed by older primary-school-aged children, as well.)

‘Game On’ board game (early spelling for AGES 5+)

‘Prefix Pool Party’ board game (to practise prefixes for AGES 7+)

‘First to Fill’ board game (adding and subtracting to 20 for AGES 6+)

‘DIY’ (design your own board game – ALL AGES)

‘Brilliant Boggle’ game  (alphabet boggle to create as many words as you can – spelling practise for AGES 5+)

‘Earn It’ activity (basic multiplication and addition with coins for AGES 7+)

‘Magic Squares’ games (a set of pocket-sized word and number puzzles 8+)

‘Off the Grid’ game (using a 100s chart and dice for addition and subtraction 7+)

‘Terrific Times Table Bingo’ game (multiplication practise 8+)

‘You Don’t Say’ game (With a sand timer and cards – funny word game for the whole family ALL AGES)

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