Free Valentine’s Printable Activities


Free valentines printableWho doesn’t love a free printable?! Your kids may be hearing about Valentine’s Day at school, from friends or just seeing all of the love hearts in the shops. Incorporating learning into hands-on, everyday activities is always the best way to make learning fun.

So, here’s 5 free Valentine-themed activities with printables for you to use at home.

  1. Heart Racing

Click here for your ‘Heart Racing’ playing sheets: Heart racing free printable

To play, you will need at least two copies of the page, red pencils and a die.

Simply take it in turns to roll the die and colour in the number of hearts shown by the number you rolled. The first player to colour all the hearts, wins.

  1. All The Things I Love – flipbook

Click here for your ‘All the things I love’ heart outlines. All the things i love free printable

At the top of each heart are the words: ‘I love…’ and beneath these words is a strip of dotted thirds. Cut out all the hearts, write things you love on the dotted thirds, then colour and decorate each page and staple the hearts together at either the top or the side, to create your flip book.

  1. Colour By Numbers – Odd and Even

Print out this grid: Colour by numbers free printable

Colour even numbers in red and odd numbers in any other colour of your choice.

Did you end up with a Valentine’s themed picture?

  1. Cooking Chocolate

Use this recipe to cook up some heart shaped biscuits: Cooking chocolate free printable

Depending on the age of your child, encourage them to read the instructions in order, then get those fine motor muscles working by decorating with icing and sprinkles or heart-shaped lollies. You could even do some colour pattern matching with lollies.

  1. Loving Poetry

Here is a poem for printing out: Loving poetry free printable

Put their own responses in the blank spaces. Your child might then like to prepare a performance of the poem for their family, or they could simply colour and decorate the page and display the completed poem in their home.

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