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We have recently had so many new friends joining The Sunshine Collective online, on Facebook, Instagram and getting in touch with us by email. We love answering all of your questions about our Brilliant Boxes, but as we are starting to see a few common themes to the questions, we thought we’d use the blog this week to post up answers to the most frequently asked questions. So, here goes:

What is in each Brilliant Box?

For the Preschool Box, there are 16 separate activities, along with lots of tactile educational resources that you can reuse (think: a handy easy grip grey lead pencil, child sized scissors, pom poms and tongs . . . and much more).

In the other Brilliant Boxes, you will receive 14 separate activities. For the Foundation, Level 1 and Level 2 boxes, you will receive 7 English and 7 maths activities. For Levels 3, 4, 5 and 6, you will receive 5 English activities, 5 maths activities plus 4 ‘themework’ activities. We rotate the themework each box, so it could be ‘science’ one box, history the next, then ‘healthy living’ after that.

We include different types of activities in each box, to appeal to a range of learning styles. So: you can expect to receive card games to practice maths, research projects on appealing themes like ‘sports’, ‘space’ or ‘art’ for older primary-aged children, instructions for creating a wordless picture book or even a cafe menu to work on equations with money. We will also include a couple of worksheets covering some of the ‘basics’, for children who enjoy some quiet study and some more physical activities for kids who have a lot of get up and go in them!

We include an explanation card for parents and carers, to explain what is in the box and the learning themes, as well as a list of any other items you may require from home (such as a pen or glue stick, etc). We include any specific educational resources such as dice, sand timers, counters . . . sometimes it is even a fly swat!

How does a subscription work?

You can choose to purchase a 6 month subscription or a 12 month subscription. You nominate the level you want to receive and we’ll mail one box immediately, then follow our regular mailing schedule. Here’s the annual mailing schedule:

Box 1 – early February

Box 2 – Mid March

Box 3 – Early May

Box 4 – Early June

Box 5 – Early July

Box 6 -Early August

Box 7 – Early September

Box 8 – Mid October

Box 9 – Mid November

Box 10 – Mid December

I have more than one child – subscriptions seem a bit expensive for all of them.

We have four kids between us, so we totally understand this! Also, how can one receive a shiny yellow parcel without the others?! That’s why we offer quarterly payment plans for our annual subscriptions, to help spread out the payments for you.

Do the ‘levels’ of your Brilliant Boxes correspond to school ‘grades’?¬†

Yes, in a nutshell. We use ‘levels’ because some schools refer to ‘years’, ‘levels’ or ‘grades’, but it’s also helpful for home schooling or road schooling families, for whom ‘grades’ may not be as relevant.

My child knows how to read, so is the ‘Preschool’¬† Brilliant Box relevant?

Our ‘Preschool’ Brilliant Box works for a range of ages, generally from 3 to 5. It doesn’t just help children learn the alphabet (although it does do that, too!). There is quite a lot of focus on fun ways to practice the all important fine motor work, as well as activities to relate letter sounds to everyday objects, to increase familiarity with the alphabet¬†sounds. There are also activity ideas to help develop independence skills – especially important if your child is heading off to kindergarten or school.

What if I choose the wrong level for my child?

Don’t worry! You are not locked in to anything! If you order a subscription for, say, Level 2, but discover after the first box that your child is finding it too challenging, just send us through an email and we’ll change it to a Level 1 for the next box that is mailed to you.

I’m travelling around Australia – how can I receive my boxes?

Lucky you! You’re not alone – we seem to be amassing a small army of Brilliant Box nomads travelling the country! We have a few different options to get your Brilliant Boxes to you, while you are on the road. Firstly, we can just send you a term or a whole years’ worth of Brilliant Boxes in one mailing before you leave, so you can use them whenever it is convenient for you. Alternatively, register online at Australia Post for a free ‘My Post’ account and nominate any post office (from their online list – it’s enormous!) at which to receive your parcel. Tell us the details for that mailing and we’ll ship your Brilliant Box there for you to pick up. You can give us a new post office address for each mailing, if you like.


If you have any other questions on our Brilliant Boxes, we’d love to hear from you! Just send us an email to: or follow along on Facebook or Instagram at @thesunshinecoll . We post lots of pics of our activities from our boxes, along with other activity ideas.

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