Commonwealth Games Activity Ideas


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The Gold Coast Commonwealth Games have begun, so we thought it might be time to get into the spirit of the Games and have some family fun! There might be some learning along the way too!

  1. Opening Ceremony – Find a list of the competing nations (one can be found at: and either print out or write out the names of some/all of the nations listed. Then cut up your list and put the names in a hat. Each member of your family then lucky dips a paper strip and must research the nation listed. Hold your own opening ceremony where everybody comes dressed in the colours of their nation’s flag, brings a food dish from their country, sings their national anthem and shares facts about their country’s history and Commonwealth team.
  2. Me As An Athlete – Complete a ‘Me As An Athlete’ poster. Draw yourself as an athlete competing in the event of your choice. Write a little bit about which event you have chosen and why. Write about your goals for the Commonwealth Games – what do you hope to achieve?
  3. Exact Replica – research the 2018 Commonwealth Games logo and then, using coloured pencils/crayons or Textas and plain paper, try to recreate the logo. It might help if you have a ruler on hand, too!
  4. Search It Out – Create your own word search, including the names of different Commonwealth Games events. If someone else in your family makes one too, you can swap and solve each other’s. Older children might like to use the events to create a crossword, rather than a word search.
  5. Time Trials – Visit a local pool and have someone time you swimming a lap or half a lap (whatever you are able to do). Or go to a local running track and time yourself running, or riding a lap. Have a rest and then try again. Can you beat your own time?
  6. Family Medals – keep a Family Medal Tally throughout the Commonwealth Games. The way this works is: for random events (when you are all watching) place strips of paper with competing countries’ names on them into a hat/bowl. Everyone in the family lucky dips a country. Keep track of the top three countries for the event you watched. The person who lucky dipped the winning country gets gold, the person who lucky dipped the second place country gets silver and the person who lucky dipped the third place country gets bronze. If no one lucky dipped a particular winning country, that medal is not given. Keep track of each family member’s gold, silver and bronze medals throughout the 2 weeks and add up totals at the end. Who in your family won the Games?
  7. Acrostic Event – Choose an event from the Games and write an Acrostic Poem with the event name. So, write the name of the event down the side of your page and then use the letters in the event name to write a poem about that event. For example:


R acing to the finish line

U naware of where you stand

N ever giving up

N ow’s your chance to shine

I t’s time to dig your deepest

G o get ‘em, there’s the line!




D eep water

I nching to the edge of the board

V ertical drop

E xcellent entry!


  1. Hero Worship – Who is your favourite athlete competing in these Commonwealth Games? Find out five fascinating facts about them and share with your family over dinner one night.
  2. It’s All New To Me – spend 30 minutes watching an even you have never watched before; it might be mountain bike riding, or lawn bowls, hockey, or badminton. Whatever it is, watch closely and make a list of 3-5 things that are completely new to you (things you have not seen done or played in any other sport) and 3-5 things they do in this event that you have seen done in others.
  3. Let Me Try! – Pick an event and do a family daytrip to try a similar activity. For example, you could choose Golf and go and play mini-golf or visit a driving range. You could choose Equestrian and go horse-riding, or Netball and visit a local court. You could even do something totally crazy like choose Swimming and go swimming!
  4. It’s All Over – At the end of the Commonwealth Games, use these sentence starters to record some of what you witnessed:
  • The best event I saw was…
  • One event that really doesn’t interest me is…
  • Something I saw that was sad was…
  • An example of good sportsmanship that I witnessed was…
  • My favourite part of the Opening Ceremony was…
  • My favourite part of the Closing Ceremony was…
  • One thing I learnt about Australia is…
  • One thing I learnt about The Gold Coast is…
  • The winning nation was…
  • If I was in the Commonwealth Games I would want to compete in…
  • One country I had never heard of before is…
  • I did/did not enjoy the Commonwealth Games because…


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