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With Easter holidays just over three weeks away, we know lots of you will be planning camping or caravanning trips. We love a bit of family camping and caravanning here at The Sunshine Collective. Actually, we love any family holidays, but these are our favourite kinds of family holidays!

So, we always pack some games and activities for the kids when we’re going on holidays. We raid our Brilliant Boxes then create a few new activities to relate to the places we’re visiting. Here are five activities you can print and take on your next family holiday – or even customise to suit your own family.

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Family Spotto

Here is a Word template for a game of spotto: Spotto game

We have filled in a list of suggested items to include – but you can change the items to whatever place you are visiting. Give a copy to each of your children, along with a pencil and take it along with you when you are out and about. Maybe have a little prize ready for when they complete their spotto game and tick everything off on the list.


Obstacle Course

Invite your children to create an obstacle course. They could use a range of items from around your camp site or campground (for example, a washing up tub for jumping over, firewood for piling up and counting, running around a tree, jumping a skipping rope if you have one, etc). Write up instructions and then time your family members completing it.


Number Plate Numbers

Long drives can be boring. However, print out these activity sheets for your children and they’ll be doing real world maths, without even knowing it!

Number plate numbers


The Words Around Me – create a word find

Create your own holiday word find! Print out this template: The words around me word find

Your children can then note down any words they see on their travels and create their own holiday word find. They can swap it with each other, give it to you to complete or even to other children they might meet at the camp ground.


Holiday collage

Include some thick paper or card and as your children to collect bits and pieces as you walk/explore, so they can use their glue and pencils with tactile materials to create a collage picture of somewhere you’ve visited on our holiday.

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