A World of Your Own By Laura Carlin




A World of Your Own is so much more than just a story; it is approximately a week’s worth of activities and project ideas for the classroom teacher or the home schooling parent.


The girl narrating the book, begins by standing in a line. She doesn’t particularly enjoy standing in lines, so she uses the time to start imagining a different world around her. She imagines different lines, creating different scenes with different animals. She then goes on to explain how she creates all aspects of her own world; from her own house, to her own hotel, shops, school, people and so on.

For every page, there is a new idea, a new creation. The ideas all begin with reality and then morph into something new and imaginative. Each page also invites the reader to work on creating their own world, too.

Why I love it:

As I stated above, this is far more than just a story and you really could base a week or more of activities and lessons on the ideas in this book alone. There is so much scope for design and creativity and so much potential for incorporating writing, art, maths etc into the work inspired by A World of Your Own.

There is also so much to be seen and studied in each illustration. You could spend hours with this book, digesting every tiny detail of the world pictured.

This book makes me want to scrap everything else on the plan and just run with it!

Themes/ideas to discuss with your child:

  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • Design
  • Independence
  • The elements that make up our lives
  • Thinking outside the square
  • Observation

Questions to ask your child:

Before reading:
  • What do you think this book might be about?
  • Do you think this is a fiction book (a story) or a non-fiction book (facts)?
  • Is this a book you want to read? Why/why not?
  • On the front cover, what is the child doing?
  • How many different animals can you see on the cover?
  • Why do you think there might be so many animals pictured?
  • What else can you see in the picture on the cover?
  • Can you see anything on the cover that would not/could not happen in real life? Tell me about it?
  • When you are inventing a world of your own, do you think it’s okay to do things that wouldn’t normally happen?
After reading:
  • Did you enjoy this book? Why/why not?
  • What was your favourite page? Why?
  • Would you like to have a go at inventing a world of your own?
  • Do you have any ideas for your world? Tell me about them.

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