Mind your Gramma! By Yvonne Morrison




I am a self-confessed grammar-lover, so this book immediately appeals to me. The blurb on the front cover reads, “One conversation. Two meanings. Laugh-out-loud fun!” and that pretty much sums it up. For those of you like me, always correcting (whether silently or aloud) other people’s grammar, this is a book for you.


The little girl in this story is staying at her Gramma’s house. She loves her Gramma very much, but is often confused by the things she says. When the girl tells her “Me and my friend played soccer,” and Gramma replies, “My friend and I played soccer,” the little girl cannot believe Gramma would be playing soccer at her age!

She also can’t understand why her Gramma keeps repeating everything she says; like when she said, “There ain’t nothing good on TV,” and Gramma said, straight back, “There isn’t anything good on TV.” She thinks there must be something wrong with Gramma’s hearing.

At the end, when her parents pick her up, her Mum says, “I hope you remembered to mind your grammar.” Again, the girl is confused; of course she doesn’t mind her Gramma, she loves her, but she does say some funny things!

Why I love it:

I love this book, because I love grammar! I am constantly correcting my kids, just as my parents corrected me, and I love that this book sees the light-hearted, fun side of this complicated English mystery!

This is definitely one I will be reading to my children, in the hope that the love of grammar continues to another generation.

Themes/ideas to discuss with your child:

  • The English language
  • Homophones
  • Grandparents
  • Old-fashioned ideals
  • Play on words

Questions to ask your child:

Before reading:

  • What do you think this book might be about?
  • Do you think this is a fiction book (a story) or a non-fiction book (facts)?
  • Is this a book you want to read? Why/why not?
  • What do you think the title of the book means?
  • What do you think is the relationship between the two people pictured on the cover?
  • The blurb on the cover says, ‘One conversation. Two meanings.’ What do you think this means?

After reading:

  • Did you enjoy this book? Why/why not?
  • What were some of the confusions in this story?
  • Was the Gramma really hard of hearing? Why did she repeat the things the girl said?
  • What is the difference between Gramma and grammar?
  • Can you think of any other English words that could be confused?
  • Do your parents or grandparents correct your grammar? What do they say?
  • Do you think grammar is important? Why/why not?

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