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These free printables were one of our most clicked on blog posts last summer, so we thought we’d share them with you again. Who doesn’t love some free activities to keep the kids happy? This way, you can get a few moments of peace at a cafe, at home or wherever you are spending time these holidays. We have divided them up into ‘Big Kids’ (level 5 and 6), ‘Middle years’ (level 3 and 4), ‘The Young Ones’ (Prep to level 2) and ‘Preschoolers’. Just click on the links below to access the PDFs.

This also gives you a little taste of the kinds of activities you might find in our Brilliant Boxes . . . only we provide all of the educational resources you need for the activities. Just click through to our shop if you’d like to order a Brilliant Box to keep your kidlets entertained these holidays.

Enjoy your holidays . . . and be brilliant!


Click the links to access the printable PDFs

Free printable activities – big kids

Free printable activities – the middle years

Free printable activities – the young ones

Free printable activities -preschoolers

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