I Must Have Bobo By Eileen Rosenthal


i must have bobo


When my husband was young, he had a security blanket named Bobo; now our son has his own security blanket named Blankie. When I saw this book in the library, I could not resist reading it!


In the morning, when Willy wakes up, he can’t find his favourite soft toy, Bobo the monkey. Willy needs Bobo so that he can feel brave and strong. Where is Bobo???

It turns out Willy’s cat, Earl, may also have a slight connection to Bobo…

Why I love it:

If your child has ever had a ‘special’ toy, you will appreciate Willy’s connection to Bobo.

Our whole family ceases to function when we can’t find Blankie and over the years he has become a bit of a security blanket for all of us! I can certainly relate to the desperation Willy feels when Bobo goes missing and I understand the feeling of comfort and calm a toy, or special blanket, can bring.

This book is definitely relatable for me.

The text is also quite simple and my son enjoyed reading this book for himself.

Themes/ideas to discuss with your child:

  • Special possessions
  • Security blankets
  • Comfort
  • Being brave
  • Losing something
  • The frustration of searching fruitlessly
  • Jealousy
  • Sharing

Questions to ask your child:

Before reading:
  • What do you think this book might be about?
  • Do you think this is a fiction book (a story) or a non-fiction book (facts)?
  • Is this a book you want to read? Why/why not?
  • There are characters drawn on the cover, what are they?
  • Which one do you think is Bobo?
  • What do you notice about the names of the author and the illustrator? What do you think this means?
After reading:
  • Did you enjoy this book? Why/why not?
  • Have you ever had a special toy like Bobo? If so, how does it help you to have this toy?
  • What kind of animal is Earl?
  • Why do you think Earl keeps taking Bobo?
  • Have you ever lost something?
  • How does it feel to lose something?
  • How does it feel to search for something and still not be able to find it?
  • What did Willy do to try to solve the problem of Earl constantly taking Bobo?
  • Did it work?
  • If you were Willy, what would you try to do?


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