2017 New Year’s Resolutions


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Are you a setter of New Year’s Resolutions? I tend to always make a few, but forget about them by mid-January and go back to my old, entrenched ways. The idea of a new year and a fresh start really appeals to me though, and I can’t help always thinking about what it is I would like to change/improve/learn in the coming year.

Two years ago I decided I would have rock-hard abs within the 12 months ahead; needless to say, my abs never quite got to resembling rocks, more like a slightly squishy block of tofu.

Last year, contrary to the previous year, I decided I would spend 2016 perfecting a chocolate mousse recipe. My chocolate mousse attempts to date equal exactly… zero. My husband, not caring in the slightest about my squishy abs, was a little disappointed about the chocolate mousse.

So, what am I planning for the great New Year’s Resolution of 2017? I think this year I am simply planning on trying to chill out more, have more fun and learn to let go of the small stuff. 2017 is going to be the year of giggles and fun with friends. At least, the first half of January will be!!

I thought it might be interesting to see what kinds of New Year’s Resolutions kids come up with. My kids love New Year’s Eve and the idea of making resolutions for the year ahead has always appealed to them in much the same way it appeals to me, so this year we’ve asked our own Sunshine Collective kids and a few friends’ kids, just what they would like to work on/change/learn in 2017.

After all, children often have the very best ideas!

F (aged 5): I want to get better at roller skating. It’s soooo hard!

N (aged 7): I want to work on making lots of new friends.

F (aged 8): to learn all the features of Minecraft

N (aged 5): to ride my new bike

H (aged 7): Go from number 27 to number 19 on the 5km run

J (aged 8): to go on another holiday!

G (aged 4): Get a new belt in karate

A (aged 10): to score 8 points in one basketball game

L (aged 9): to go to more Big Bash cricket games

J (aged 8): to beat my basketball PB

P (aged 11): to learn from my mistakes and think before I say or do something

L (aged 13): to get another placing in a fencing competition
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