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sunshine collective children

This week we have asked our own Sunshine Collective kids to revisit the year that has been and we’ve quizzed them a little about the year to come.

This is such a sweet thing to do with your own children; they love the feeling of importance from ‘being interviewed’ and you get a great snapshot of their thinking. File it away and bring it out for the speeches at their 21st!

Our Sunshine Collective Kids are:

Miss N – 7 years old and finishing Grade 1

Master F – 5 years old and finishing kinder, about to start Prep

Master H – 7 years old and finishing Grade 1

Miss G – 4 years old and finishing 3 year old kinder, going into 4 year old kinder


What is one memory that really stands out for you from this year?

N: Our caravan holiday and getting the big alien-shaped balloons at the Caravan Show.

F: Our caravan holiday. I liked going on the jumping pillows.

H: When we tried lots of different food on Multicultural Day at school.

G: Going to the beach near our home.


What is something that has made you laugh this year?

N: I remember laughing at Hugo. I don’t remember what he was doing, though. The movie ‘Home Alone’ makes me laugh.

F: Home Alone 1 and Home Alone 2 make me laugh. When Daddy carries us and tickles us, I laugh. Gene, at kinder makes me laugh. When I was doing songs he was standing still and doing nothing; it was really funny.

H: When I did the Macarena dance at school.

G: When Mum says ‘blah blah’ instead of real words.


Who are your favourite people to be with?

N: Mummy, Daddy, Finn, Viv, Hugo, Tom and Erin, Kira, Amelia and Miss Ilsley, oh and Tilly.

F: Mummy, Daddy, Nina, Hugo, Vivi, Nate, Erin and Tom, Leah, Amelia, Sophie, Razza, Gene and our dog Tilly.

H: Atticus, Mum, Dad and Viv.

G: Granny, Grandad, Grandma and Grandpa.


What do you like to do while you are with your favourite people?

N: I like to talk with them and make art and craft stuff with them. But I’m only okay with it if they agree.

F: I like to do puzzles and I also like to make paper chains.

H: Go to the beach and to the park.

G: Play with them and make things.


Have you enjoyed school/kinder this year? What have you liked most?

N: Yes I ‘ve enjoyed it. I’ve enjoyed integrated studies because it’s always fun and we always get to make fun things; like today, we all made our very own Christmas tree.

F: I’ve enjoyed kinder and I’ve enjoyed making paper chains. I’ve made a whole pile of them!

H: Yes. Making Christmas trees in art. Dress up days.

G: Yes. At kinder I like all of the different toys and when we had a concert where I was on the stage.


What is your favourite subject at school or your favourite thing to do at kinder?

N: Integrated Studies

F: I like playing outside at kinder.

H: Sport.

G: Jumping from the top of the play equipment at kinder, to the blue mat on the ground.


What are you most looking forward to about next year?

N: The Grade 2 Production.

F: Learning to read! I can’t wait until I colour in all my stars on my Countdown to School Chart. I’m also looking forward to playing with Nate.

H: More Sport.

G: Meeting new people.


Is there anything that worries you about next year? If so, what is it?

N: I’m worried that I might slip over on the stage in the Grade 2 Production. And I’m worried that I might sing the wrong notes or say the wrong lines.

F: I’m going to be a bit shy of the teachers at school.

H: Maths.

G: If there’s too many people to say hello to.


What are you most looking forward to about Christmas?

N: Getting presents and giving presents. I like seeing the smile on their face and I feel special when people say ‘thank you’.

F: Getting presents and giving presents. I like people smiling when I give them presents. Sometimes Mummy wraps up presents and I don’t know what it is. I like the surprises.

H: Presents!

G: Presents and food.


What are you most looking forward to about the school holidays?

N: We are going to a maze! I’m also looking forward to looking around our new caravan and sleeping in it.

F: I’m looking forward to getting our caravan and I wonder which places we’re going to go.

H: Going to the beach and the swimming pool.

G: Going to the beach and having fun.


What is one thing you really want to do over the holidays?

N: I really, really, really want to do a really challenging maze.

F: I really want to sleep on our beds when it’s night time in the caravan.

H: Jump the big waves at the beach and to Ikea for breakfast. (Editors note: we have only taken him to Ikea for breakfast once – it obviously left a big impression!)

G: Make my fairy garden and play with my friends.


What is something you can do now that you don’t think you could do 1 year ago?

N: I can read harder books now. I can read chapter books with harder words.

F: I can play some songs on the piano. I can add numbers like 200 + 200 is 400.

H: Count to 1,000. Get onto the red monkey bars at school.

G: Karate.


What is one thing you would really like to be able to do by this time next year?

N: I really want to learn the words to ‘Deck the Halls’.

F: I want to be able to learn more on the piano.

H: Surf through a wave.

G: To write words.


What is one word you think describes you?

N: Hard-worker

F: Funny and happy

H: Cheeky

G: Strong


What is one thing you would really like next year’s teacher to know about you?

N: I’d like my teacher to know that I’m a very hard worker and I’m kind and generous and I don’t complain.

F: I’d like Mr. Savva to know that I’ve got 2 missing teeth. I’d also like him to know that I’m brave and I’m going to be a vet when I grow up.

H: I’m nice and helpful.

G: I say hello to everyone and I can climb over the top of the climbing thing.


Finally, if you could have one wish granted for 2017, what would you wish for?

N: I would wish for everyone to have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

F: I would wish for a flying aeroplane, remote control thing.

H: To be good at maths (especially counting), then I wouldn’t be scared at school.

G: To have fairies come to my fairy garden.

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