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Teacher gifts.If you have kids at kindergarten or school, it’s time to talk teacher gifts. The end of the year is fast approaching and with only a few weeks left of school, now is the time parents are madly emailing each other to see if people want to do a class present or if anyone knows what the teacher drinks (especially if you’ve left it to the second last day of term).

There is no need to spend on a fortune on the teacher gift.  However, we’re talking about the person who has spent 6 and half hours a day, 5 days a week for 41 weeks of the year, with your child. They’ve read with them and to them, they’ve assisted them with their work and taught them new skills, they’ve no doubt counselled them at least once and they’ve listened to countless stories and tales about your family life – they deserve a little thank you!

There are some fantastic gifts around for teachers, so we thought we’d take you through a few of our favourite ideas and see if we can provide any inspiration.

Personalised gifts

I love a good personalised present; it shows thought and preparation, not to mention, there are some seriously cute things around! In the past I have given personalised tea towels, wine bags, key rings, bookmarks, chopping boards, coasters and garden stakes. The garden stakes were stamped with ‘Thank you for helping me grow’ and had my son’s name and the year on them. I popped them into the soil of some pot plants and the result was super cute! These (as well as all other personalised items) are available on Etsy – etsy.com or you can search local nurseries in your area and see if they do them.

As for tea towels, check out: www.kylieloy.com. Kylie has some beautiful designs especially for teachers and lots of other gorgeous products too. The coasters I got on Etsy and I had each of the six coasters printed with an adjective (only good ones!!) to describe the recipient; they were a hit! Other great sites for personalised products are www.hardtofind.com.au and www.downthatlittlelane.com.au.


Most teachers love to read and books make a great present. Even if you’re not sure of authors/genres they like, hopefully by the end of the year you have some idea of their interests and a beautiful coffee table book would be perfect. Years ago a gorgeous boy in my Grade 3 class gave me a coffee table book which was a photographic journal about friendship. On the inside of the front cover he stuck a photograph of the two of us, taken on school camp and he wrote: ‘I hope we can always be friends.’ Well obviously I cried my little eyes out on the day and I will treasure that book forever (thank you Marcus!). Depending upon the teacher’s interest, cookbooks can also be a winner.

Handmade gifts

There are loads of people out there who like to give something from the heart, something they have made themselves and put their own stamp on. These gifts can be awesome! Handmade doesn’t have to be naff; there are loads of great ideas in this category. You could have your child design a cushion cover or pillow case, you could use a small canvas to do a handprint of your child and then write in each finger, some of the things they have learnt throughout the year or some of the things they love about their teacher. You could decorate a photo frame and put a copy of the class photo inside. If your child is a writer, get them to write a book about the year they’ve had; then you can print and bind at Officeworks. If your child likes music, they could write and record a song. By the end of the year your child’s teacher really is very fond of your little one, so something with a bit of their spirit and sparkle will always be appreciated.

Movie tickets

I know this may sound a little boring, but honestly, who doesn’t love going to the movies?? We all know a teacher’s salary isn’t the best, so a treat like this really is a good gift. If you can stretch the budget, Gold Class is a sure winner!


Not everyone will feel comfortable giving wine to their child’s teacher and that’s absolutely fine; I can only speak for myself, when I say that I loved getting a nice bottle! Pop it in a personalised wine bag and it’s even better!


We all love a good brunch, so consider purchasing a voucher for a great local café near where your child’s teacher lives. School holidays are for relaxing and what says ‘relax’ more than a nice, long, already-paid-for brunch?

Holiday specific vouchers

Not the catchiest category title, but let me explain: Last year, here at The Sunshine Collective, our children’s teachers were going away on a trip to the US. We researched where they were going to be staying and found a close-by restaurant/bar with great views and reviews and arranged a voucher for them there. It was great – personal, fun and useful! If your child’s teacher is heading to the beach, the country, overseas, wherever, consider finding a local shop/café for them to visit whilst there. It’s a unique and much appreciated gift.

Classroom trinkets

Teachers spend a lot of time in their classrooms and if your child’s teacher is someone who takes pride in the look of the room, consider something for the room itself. You could purchase some beautiful desk items (KikkiK have gorgeous things) or you could think about a cushion for the teacher’s chair, or take a class collection of money and purchase a new chair or rug. You’d be surprised how many teachers would love this.


I’m not talking diamonds (although, if your budget allows, why not?) but a simple necklace or bracelet can be a really special gift. Lots of local homewares stores have beautiful beads and wooden pieces that are pretty much universal in their appeal. I was once given a gorgeous glass heart necklace. Every time I wear it I remember that particular class and the students who gave it to me. If your child’s teacher is male, you could consider a keychain or money clip instead.

Travel mug

One of the down sides of teaching is that your coffee always seems to go cold, sometimes even before you make it back to your classroom, or you spill it down your arm as you walk across the basketball courts. An insulated travel mug with a lid makes a great gift. Get a no-spill one and the teacher, the kids, the papers and carpet are all safe from hot coffee. frankgreen.com.au make fantastic no-spill travel mugs and water bottles and their choices of colours are to die for!

The card

Last, but not least, don’t forget the card! Write them a beautiful, personal message and they will do a little happy dance. I still have every single card/letter given to me by grateful parents. As corny as it sounds, all teachers really want is to know that your child had a good year with them. So tell them! If it’s been a really great year, tell the school principal. You’ll make the happy dance last all holidays!

We hope this list has provided a little inspiration for you in your shopping. But don’t stress, no matter what you decide to give your child’s teacher, they are sure to love it! It genuinely is the thought that counts.

Do you have any other winning teacher gift ideas? We really would love to expand our repertoire, so drop us a line at hello@sunshinecollective.com.au and give us your thoughts.

Happy shopping and don’t forget to ‘Be Brilliant!’

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