Why Brilliant Boxes Are Not Just ‘More Homework’


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Your kids are already really busy, right? So are you. We know. We get it. The last thing you need is something else on the ‘To Do List’; another task to try to convince your kids to work through. Our Brilliant Boxes activities are not this; they are so much more than this. Brilliant Boxes are also not just for kids who are having difficulty at school; we have activities for all kids and we’d like to tell you why:

Every Brilliant Box has 14 activities

14 activities means loads of choice, and even if your child doesn’t do every single activity, there’ll still be a bucket load (or a box full!) of learning going on. With our hands-on activities taking anywhere from 20mins to a few hours to complete, your kids will be engaged, developing their minds and their skills and having fun for ages!

Your child gets to be in charge

The Brilliant Box comes addressed to your child, so they immediately have a solid sense of ownership. This means they will most likely want some degree of freedom in choosing exactly how to tackle and complete the activities, and that’s okay – in fact, it’s great! Let them run with it; the more self-directed, the more engaged they will be. They may need some initial guidance to get started, but if they are asking for freedom, give it to them – see where they go with it!

Who doesn’t love getting mail?

I still get excited when I see mail that isn’t a bill or a bank statement and my kids are constantly asking if there’s any mail for them. Imagine how excited your kids would be to see their Brilliant Box arrive! They will be bursting to open it up and get started!

There are no due dates

Unlike weekly school homework, the activities your kids complete in their Brilliant Boxes do not have to be ‘back on Thursday’. The boxes are sent out 2 times a term, so there is plenty of time in-between deliveries to get stuff done. Brilliant Boxes are perfect to simply dip into whenever you have the time and the inclination. Didn’t get a chance to finish your recipe/obstacle course/script/party plan today? No worries, pick it up again tomorrow, or next week, there’s no hurry.

So much variety!

Homework can often be quite dry and repetitive. We’ve all seen the spelling sheets and the rows of maths equations, but in Brilliant Boxes the educational activities are extremely varied in content and style and we truly believe there is something for everyone. From the sporty kid, to the creative kid, the bookworm to the performer, we have you covered. Your kids will get to try new activities with each delivery; they may even discover a hidden talent!

Less sitting, more doing

Here at The Sunshine Collective, we don’t use the term ‘worksheets’, but rather ‘activity sheets’ because much of the content of our Brilliant Boxes involves a little explanation and a lot of ‘get up and do’. Your child will not be stuck sitting at a desk simply filling in answers, they will be creating, designing, constructing, actively measuring, planning, performing, searching and seeking, drawing, running, exploring and cooking, deliberating and debating. They will be having a blast (and learning loads at the same time)!

Real-world = relatable

As much possible, we tie our educational activities for kids into real-world experiences. Kids love it when they get to participate in ‘grown-up’ life and with Brilliant Boxes that’s exactly what they’ll be doing. We won’t just have them learning about money through colouring and adding coins on a worksheet, with us they’ll be planning and tracking the grocery shopping, budgeting for parties and birthdays, brainstorming charitable gifts and analysing your own household bills. They won’t just ‘write a story’ but they will develop their writing skills through learning tips and tricks of story-writing and drafting and completing letters that will actually be sent and news reports that will actually be presented. They will learn not only the skills, but how those skills apply to ‘life’. And, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but they’ll be having fun while their doing it!

Brilliant Boxes are not just ‘more homework’.

We don’t actually think of them as homework at all. They are boxes of brilliance; varied, engaging, hands-on, fun activities for your kids to do in their own time and their own way. Brilliant Boxes are for every kid; if your child needs a little extra help, or needs some extension work, if they just love keeping busy, or if you want to feel great about what you are doing to help your child learn and grow, Brilliant Boxes are for you!

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